As a London based organisation, we are able to search and select the best school for you to learn English. You can be assured that you can learn English at a quality school through our extensive list of prominent language schools, colleges and universities.

General English
Most language schools and colleges offer General English courses for individuals of different ages. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level English learner, you can still benefit from the general English courses provided by prestigious schools in the UK.

English for Academic Purposes
The United Kingdom is well-known for being one of the leading countries for higher education opportunities. Being home to top universities in the world, the UK has a lot to offer you if you want to have a world-class education. To this end, you need to learn English at an academic level. We will ensure that you are enrolled at an institution that will allow you to improve your English so that you can pass exams but also use the language for your academic degree.

English for Exams
Studying English for exams has been quite popular on account of the fact that the UK requires visa applicants over 16 to have their English level certified through accredited exam bodies. Also, colleges and universities will require all applicants to have a specific level of English to be able to gain admission.

Some of the exam preparation courses are on offer are IELTS, FCE, CAE, PET and KET.

English for Special Purposes
You may be a lawyer, a doctor or a business who would like to learn English for your specific area of interest of employment. Then English for Special Purposes (ESP) is best suited to that objective. We shall offer you the best school option thanks to our large portfolio of specialised ESP providers.

School Search and Advice
Having an ambition to study in the UK is surely an important step in your life. But equally important is the correct choice of the institution that will suit that ambition. Hence, we will make a careful search of the courses that will best suit your requirements.

Schools Tours
It is becoming more popular for aspiring students to visit the UK and have a feel of the country before they make their decision about studying here. There is also a growing trend of students visiting their short-listed schools and finding more about them before making full registration.

We can arrange school tours for your chosen institutions and ensure that you have a good feel of different options in place.

School Placement
Once you are fully satisfied with what you have seen or known about the school, we shall then make all arrangements from liaising with the school about the full application procedures to giving preliminary advice on visa requirements as well as travel planning and airport transfers.